K34 – B&B has been rated Gold Level by TripAdvisor’s EcoLeader programme. We pay particular attention to the environment through a series of measures.

K34 – B&B employs a linen reuse programme whereby towels are changed at the guest’s request rather than every day, and bed linen is changed every 3 days of continuous stay. This saves significant amounts of energy and water, and reduces the use of chemical detergents and greenhouse gas emissions.

We take great care in selecting certified food and beverage products, detergents and cleaners for cleaning the premises and for the laundry.

The facility has a plan for the separate collection of paper, glass, cardboard, plastic and organic waste (wet). Sorting is carried out in areas reserved for staff, who sort the waste before sending it to a recycling facility.

We use automatic lighting control systems, such as presence/light sensors or timers, use LED lighting, certified low-consumption household appliances and air conditioning systems.

The use of double-glazed, thermally broken windows provides better insulation, reducing the amount of energy needed to maintain an optimal temperature and reducing the environmental impact of the building. The heating and cooling limit inside the building is set at 22° C.

The rooms are equipped with thermostats that allow guests to adjust the temperature to their liking. However, levels are maintained within predefined intervals during both the summer and winter seasons. This allows for a certain level of individual control, while maintaining overall energy efficiency.

The facility’s bathrooms have refillable dispensers for liquid detergents.

We encourage the use of alternative means of transport to the car, assisting guests with public transport, distributing maps, hiring bicycles and suggesting attractive walking routes.